The 7th Me’mar Award / Soheila Beski
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Architecture Awards in other countries / Translated by Abbas Mokhber
Emerging Architecture/ Catherine Slessor /Translated by Abbas Mokhber
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Annual conference of Iranian Architects society / Mahvash Mehrafshar
Commemoration of Urbanism day
Mirmiran Architectural Foundation
Feasibility Study / Seyyed Fariman Hashemi Olia
1st place: Paykar Bonyan Panel Factory, Parand, Arad Design Co.
2nd place: Ehsan Poud Textile Factory, Qom Highway, Abbas Riahifard, Kamran Heirati, Houman Balazadeh
3rd place: Shli Shop, Amol, Arsh Design Group
4th place: Pol Roomi Office Building, Tehran, Fluid Motion Architects
5th place: Mehregan Office Building, Tehran, Zavieh Architecture Office
Honorary mention
Gilan Rural Heritage Museum, under the supervision of Mahmud Taleghani
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Photo & film for Me’mar Award
Video’s for Me’mar Award entries, Dayereh Design Studio
Taking Photo for Me’mar Award Entries / Kamran Adl