From the Ershad Hosseinieh to the British Consulate in Gholhak / Soheila Beski.
Books & Magazines/ Composed and Translated by Hanieh Mansouri

Iranians in World Architecture Festival 2009, Barcelona.
In Memory of Mohammad-Amin Mirfendereski and Farrokh Ghahremanpour

Critique and Theory
louis Sullivan: Prophet of Democracy / Translated by Sanam Kalantari
Although the Term “Democracy” Has Historical Background / Farhad Ahmadi
Only an Idiot Would Have Said No / Translated by Babak Peyvaste, polsheer consulting engineers
Democratic Representation/ Peter Davey / Translated by Azita Izadi
The Public Open Space and the Rights of the Citizen / Shahrzad Mahdavi
The Old Urban Fabrics and Today’s Solutions / Faramarz Parsi
From Ground to Curve, Mellat Park Cineplex / Mohammad Mohammadzadeh / Translation into English: Elnaz Anzalchi
Augustus Altar of Peace and Museum Complex/ Pooria Nazemi

Winners of Memar Awards: Recent Works (2000-2008) / Soheila Beski
The First Architecture of the Year competition, East Azarbaijan.
International Design Competition, Benetton Buildings, Tehran
Winners of Site A:
First place: Grzegorz Witold Woronowicz, Poland
Second place: Mario Cottone, Italy
Third Place: Giuseppe lodice, Italy
Winners of Site B:
First place: Yana Radeva, Bulgaria
Second place: Maarten Scheurwater, The Netherlands
Third Place: Nuno Rosado, Italy
The judge’s recommendation went to the Scheme by Iman Nedaie, Amir Badiei and Farshad Mehdizadeh from Iran.
Third Annual Design Competition for Architectural and Theatre Students by the Architectural Commission of the U.S Institute of Theatre and Technology
Shenzhen Museum, Contemporary Art Competition, by Shenzhen municipal culture bureau.

From Iran
The Garden of Inscriptions, a Treasure of 5000 Years of Persian Stone Inscriptions / Text and Photo: Babak zirak
In the world
AIA Awards, 2009 / Translated by Masoud Nazari
Short News / Translated by Masoud Nazari
Readers Contributions
New Approaches, New Education Spaces/ Composed & Translated by Mahboubeh Sadat Mortazavi
The Cultural Complex and Museum of Mediteriane/ Translated by Nina Shokouhi, Masoumeh Mazandarani