Note / Soheila Beski
Circulation / Kamran Afshar Naderi
Magazines / Hanieh Mansouri/ Translated by Azita Izadi
Architectural facade award / Seyyedeh motahareh mousavi
Curtain wall systems seminar, Alumgostar
Critique & Theory
A brief review of standard organizing elements/ Andy Pressman / Translated by Azita Izadi
Access and circulation elements between functionalism and formal display / Christian Schittich / Translated by Azita Izadi
Sign systems bring clarity to a complex world/ Oliver Herwig / Translated by Azita Izadi
Hotel circulation / Andrea Tilli / Translated by Azita Izadi
Analysis of circulation in some contemporary buildings in Tehran / Habibeh Madjdabadi
Saba residential building, Tehran, Bavand Consulting Engineers
Esfahan registry head-quarter, Polsheer Architects
Behdasht recreational & tourism complex, Shahed Development & Construction co.
From Iran
Vakil mosque, Shiraz / Text & Photo: Babak Zirak
Mazra’e kalantar: historical village / Tohideh Yadegari
Loft Project
Religious buildings in Qeshm / Emarat-e Khorshid Research Center
Wayfinding / Armand Dror
Design or drawing? / Nejdeh Hovanesian
A.T.F fastfood, Tehran interior design, Rokh Architectural Group
Steel- frame industrial construction / Keyvan Salimi
In the world
Two museums / Habibeh Madjdabadi
House in Tokyo / Claus en Kaan Architects / Translated by Azita Izadi
Public record office in Swiss, EM2N Architects / Translated by Azita Izadi
Student halls of residence in Swiss, Konz-Mollo and Barchi Architect / Translated by Azita Izadi
Secondary school in Denmark, 3XN Architects / Translated by Azita Izadi
South terminal expansion, Washington, NBBJ Architects / Translated by Azita Izadi
Short news / Translated by Azita Izadi
Readers contributions
Goharshaad mosque / Moeen Ghaani Abousaeedi
Algorithmic architecture, new or historic concept? / Pardis Mirmalek