Architectural ‘Products’ in Time of ‘Mass Production of Single Products’ / Negar Hakim            

Books & Magazines / Hanieh Mansouri, Translated by Azita Izadi        

Critique & Theory
The New Generation And The Architecture Of The Last Two Decades/ Seyyed Reza Hashemi               
Principles Of Architecture Today / Joerg H. Gleite r/ Translated by Farzad Bajoghli   
Nature, Culture, High-Technology / Matthias Boeckl / Translated by Negar Hakim    
Made In Japan: Tailor Made Architecture / Michelle Galindo/ Translated by Azita Izadi             
Radical Sources Of Design Engineering / Prof. Dr. E.H. Werner Sobek / Translated by Azita Izadi            

Soa Architects / Translated by Azita Izadi
Miniwiz / Translated by Azita Izadi            
The New Theatre In Montalto Di Castro, Italy / Photo by Pietro Savorelli / Translated by Azita Izadi         
Projects From Japan / Michelle Galindo /  Translated by Azita Izadi           
Vtn Projects / Translated by Azita Izadi    
Knowspace Projects / Translated by Azita Izadi       
Design Core Architects            
Koorosh Rafiee, 2 Projects      
Persian Garden Studio            

Interview with Armin Daneshgar / Negar Hakim        

From Iran
Azadi Tower, Tehran / Text & Photo: Babak Zirak    

Short News
Short News / Translated by  Azita Izadi    

Readers Contributions
Baghe-Takht, an Old Garden in Shiraz / Ehsan Tahmasbi