A New Approach to Solving Urban Problems / Negar Hakim               

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Architect’s Day in Arasbaran Cultural Center / Yalda Farivar Sadri
Commemoration And 7th Mirmiran Architecture Award/ Habib Ghadirzadeh 

Critique & Theory / Translated by Azita Izadi
Contemporary Architecture in Tunisia / Ons najjar Mansour              
Does architecture face an identity crisis?, An anthropological approach with a case study from Shanghai, China / Andrea Rieger-Jandl      
From Tectonic Research to Experiments: Turkey’s Young Architects / Hulya ErtaƟ 
Contemporary Architecture in Pakistan / Ayeza R Qureshi
Today a positive mood dominates Russian architecture / Philipp Meuser Interview with the architect couple Anton Nadtochy and Vera Butko 
Architecture in Russia/ Philipp Meuser    

Projects / Translated by Azita Izadi
J. Mayer H. Architects    
Menis Arquitectos         
Sanjay Puri

Being Concerned with Continuity and Endurance in Persian Architecture/ MohammadReza Ghanei in conversation with Negar Hakim    

Shar Residential Complex competition    

From Iran
Saint Mary Church, Jolfa, Isfahan/ Text & photo: Babak Zirak          

In the World: Translated by Azita Izadi
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Readers contributions
textile structures / Shabnam Shahabi            
mobile partition wall with the jack technic / Yahya Hendi 
Trombe wall / Sanaz Litkouhi, Roya Hosnidokht