Built upon Love, ARCHITECTURAL LONGING AFTER ETHICS AND AESTHETICS/ Translated by Reza Amirrahimi               



The Cohesion of Love and Architecture; a Dialogue with “Built Upon Love”/ Arezou Khalili

Matter/ Translated by Reza Amirrahimi

TEMPLES OF AMON-RA AND KHONSU, KARNAK EGYPT, 1529-1156 BC/ Translated by Reza Amirrahimi

santa maria dei miracoli, venice, italy, 1481-8, pietro lombardo/ Translated by Azita Izadi

Law Courts Extension, Gothenburg, Sweden,1913-37, Erik Gunnar Asplund/ Translated by Reza Amirrahimi     

Saint Petri Church, klippan, sweden, 1962-6, Sigurd Lewerentz /Translated by Azita Izadi

Gravity/ Translated by Reza Amirrahimi

Baths of Caracalla, Rome, Italy, 206-17 /Translated by Azita Izadi

Church of Saint Front, PÉrigueux, France, 1120-60 /Translated by Azita Izadi

Maison de Verre, Paris, France, 1927-32, Pierre Chareau/ Translated by Reza Amirrahimi             

exeter Academy Library, New Hampshire, USA, 1965-72, Louis Kahn/ Translated by Azita Izadi

the menil collection exhibition building, houston, texas, usa, renzo piano/ Translated by Azita Izadi               



Cultural Park for ChildREn, Cairo, Egypt, 1990, AbdelhalIm Ibrahim Abdelhalim/ Translated by Azita Izadi


from iran

a trip to khorasan/ Zohreh Bozorgnia


from cultural iran

Herat Windmills/ Kambiz Moshtagh Gohari

in Memory of a kind Friend, Merv/ Keyvan Salimi