Architecture, Dwelling and home
Villa Rotonda, Vicenza, Italy, Andrea Palladio
Schroder House, Utrecht, The Netherlands, Gerrit Rietveld
cabanon, small seaside cabin, france, Le Corbusier
le lac, small lakeside house, switzerland, Le Corbusier
Curutchet House, ARGENTINA, Le Corbusier
Rubie House, Chicago, frank LLoyd wright/ Frederick Hartt
praising frank Lloyd wright’s plans/ Mohammad Mohammadzadeh
Villa Mairea, Gullichsen Residence, Noormarkku, Finland, Alvar Aalto
Simpson-Lee house, Mount Wilson, New South Wales, Australia, Glenn Murcutt
Further Lane House, amagansett, new york, Tod williams billie tsien architects
Luminist architecture of the hudson valley/ Steven Holl
Watercolor sketch of Steven Holl
Ex of In House, NEW YORK, Steven holl
Wrinkled Planar Villa, United States, Steven holl
Horizon House, United States, Steven holl
Nail Collector’s House, essex, new york, Steven holl
A condition of light, The Houses of Steven Holl, Philip Jodidio Interviews Steven Hall
Walden, Henry David Thoreau
Such Places as Memory, Poems 1953 - 1996/ John Hejduk