• Editorial
Magical realism; urban planning and architectural experiences in latin america/ Mohammad Mohammadzadeh2

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Contemporary Architecture in Latin America/ Reza Asgari4
Contemporary Architecture in Colombia/ Roza Arabi16
Gian Carlo Mazzanti Talks with Sergio Fajardo, Medellin’s Mayor/ Translated by Azita Izadi24
on continuity of ideas/ Iman Shafiee28
Brazilian architecture/ Ruth Verde Zein/ Translated by Azita Izadi32
The Right to the city in Brazil/ Majid Ebrahimpour38
Roberto Burle Marx and the Ecological modern/ Catherine Seavitt Nordenson/ Translated by Azita Izadi42
Three Latin American Architects: Da Rocha, Salmona, Duhart/ Parinaz Kabiri45
Works of Eladio Dieste/ Carlos Morales/ Translated by Azita Izadi50
Ricardo Legorreta Talks with James Steele/ Translated by Azita Izadi/ Photo by: Lourdes Legorreta53
Latin American Architects/ Sarvenaz Emtiazi57

• Projects
Some Projects in Colombia/ Translated by Azita Izadi66
Some Projects in Chile/ Translated by Azita Izadi74