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Armenian Architects of Iran/ Armand Dror

• Critique & Theory
Armenian Moving in Tehran/ Arpiar Petrossian
Sculptor Architect: Rostom Voskanian/ Bernard Dror
Leon Babaian/ Ara Soukiasian
Paul Abkar/ Architecture of changing times in Iran
GABRIEL GUEVREKIAN, World class architect/ Armand Dror
A House at City Centre, zaven simonian/ Arpiar Petrossian
CHRISTAPOR TADEVOSIAN/ Alina Tarverdian, Lida Berberian
An Architect Who Built All Types of Buildings, eugene aftandilian/ Arlen Stepanian
a Painter who Became an Architect or an Architect who Remained a painter?/ Armen Ayvazian
Armenian Architects’ (Continued) Presence: the 70s and Afterwards/ ANI AVAKIAN
Another Side of Vartan Hovanesian/ Alina Tarverdian
Le jardin comme Art du sol/ Camille Lesouef/ Translated By Behnam Jafari
Between Iran and Iravân: The Mosque in the Citadel of Yerevan and Patronage in Early 19th Century Qajar Architecture/ Markus Ritter/ Translated By Azita Izadi
destruction or preservation of the cultural heritage?/ sevan Armen

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Paul abkar architecture book presentation
Honar Nama Memar Architecture Prize, 2016/ Shohreh sherafat

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