• Note
Urban Centripetality/ Mahsa Majidi

• Editorial
Revitalization of historic buildings in our current spatial situation and chronological position/ Fereshteh Assadzadeh

• Critique & Theory
Resilient hybrids - New York Approach to Sustainable Urban Regeneration/ Yashar Ghasemkhani/ Translated by Azita Izadi
On Queen/ JA Studio (Hanieh Rezaei, Nima Javidi, Behnaz Asadi)/ Translated by Azita Izadi
Berlin/ Ali Nassir
The Otherness of Istanbul, Three Instances of Gentrification/ Ivo Pekeč, Fereshteh Assadzadeh
Welcome to 21st Century Beijing!/ Vista Kasraiyan
regeneration of Inner Harbor down town Baltimore, Maryland/ Translated and Compiled by Fatemeh Shariatmadari, Mahsa Shafighian, Azar Khalili Vesal
interview with saba manouchehri/ mahsa majidi
Mahsa Majidi Interview with Wim Delvoye
Phoenix: A Conceptual design for gentrification of Cyrus old neighbourhood, Tehran/ Experimental Branch of Architecture  [Metropolitan]
What we look up to and what we consume?/ Hani Abtahi
The city is a friend/ Lena Vafaei
Interview with Three Gallerist and a gallery designer in City center of Tehran/ Mahsa Majidi
Invisible Ropes Create the Strongest Knots: Analysis of Lolagar Alley/ Mahsa Majidi, Fereshteh Assadzadeh
FOUR CARPETS & OTHER STORIES/ Mehrdad Mohammad Zadeh