The time for taking over / Seyyed Reza Hashemi
Structure and cladding, surface architecture/Michele Calzavara / Bavand Behpoor
A Subtle view of the modern movement, modern architecture / Roberto Dulio / Bavand Behpoor
Culture and morality in architecture / Kamran Diba
Flexibility, variety and liveliness in academic spaces / Mohammad Rahim Okhovvat / Polsheer consulting engineers
Phylogenesis of Farshid Moosavi and Alejandro Zaero polo architectural works/ Negar Hakim
Information Architecture / Edalat Sadr
Deep planning / in Ben Van Berkel and Caroline Bos works / John Thackara / Bavand Behpoor
The Elements of Architecture
Stairs / Kamran Afshar Naderi
Two projects of Shamil Mohammad zadeh / Reza Daneshmir
Masood Afsarmanesh / Reza Daneshmir
P. U. 05 office building / fardano consulting eng. / Iman Raeisi
Pilgrim’s hostel competition, mashhad
International architectural competition for the new nato headquarters in brussels
From Iran
Shiraz ancient tribunal building / Faramarz Parsi
Architecture and the cultural relation between Persia and China / Zohreh Bozorgnia
Outstanding contemporary architectural works under the support of law / Eskandar Mokhtari
In the world
Fumihiko Maki / Kamran Afshar Naderi
Interior Design
Simple, modest and cozy interior designs for historical buildings / an interview with Fereydoon Ave
Plastic age / Armand Dror
Design rulled by technology / Hasan Mehrabi
Arup / Translated by Abtin Golkar