In Bam
The war between Architecture and the factory system/ Michele Calazavara / Translated by A. Golkar 
Lifeplace: bioregional thought and  practice / Robert L. Thayer / Translated by Sh.Rezaie
In search of national identity in today`s architecture, yes or no?
The lecture of aa`chairman, Mohsen Mostafavi in Tehran
Crittical Regionalism Architecture and how Mirmiran embodies "Identity" in his work / Negar Hakim
Industrial Building / Klaus-Dieter Weiss / Translated by A. Golkar
Polycentricity: modelling or determining reality? / Simin davoudi / Translated by A. Golkar
Talaee architectural and city planning consultant
Padiav Parth architectural group industrial projects
Darabad Publication Center
Reinforced Earth and Urban Design
Grand project/ Rob Gregory / Translated by A. Golkar
Introduce some Iranian project in competition
Brick From industrialization to nowadays / Kamran Afsharnaderi and  Kiomarth Afsharnaderi
Brick / Alireza Bahreman
Refurbishment and Modernization of olympic Stadium in Berlin / Hubert Nienhoff / Translated by Abtin Ghokar
Properties and advantages of membrane construction in the context of refurbishment and alterations / Gerd Schemid / Translated by A.Golkar
A successful architect / Parastoo Jafarinejad
From Iran
Interview with Seyyed Mohammad Beheshti about the Arg
Evolution of Iranian architecture from 1940 to 1978 / Abdolaziz Farmanfarma'iyan
Iran`s Industrial Architecture Between the Two World War / Kamran Afshar Naderi
In the world
Industrial Building Typology / Andreas Kopp, Herwelg Rott, Daniel Rozynski / Translated by A. Golkar
Architecture for Industry / Kamran Afshar Naderi
vejle traffic centre, Landskap Design / Arne Saelen / Translated by Sh.Rezaie
Short news / Translated by Sh.Rezaie