Reconstruction of Bam / Mehdi Alizadeh
Design Competition for buildings of Bam’s Municipality, City council & City Hall
Introduction and Criticism of Iranian Contemporary 
In search of Identity in Iranian contemporary Architecture, yes or no? / Kamran Safamanesh
Identity and critique in Iranian Contemporary Architecture / Ali Kermanian
Reading New York`s Genetic Code: The Inside Dope on the Magic of a Simple Geometric Order / Robert Campbell / Translated by Abtin Golkar
Nature Talking with Nature / Charles Jencks / Translated by Abtin Golkar
An Interview with cyrus Bavar, Houses of 1960s, continuity or rupture? / Shahab Katouzian
Khavaran cultural center / Kamran Afshar Naderi
Delimitation and Intensification / Hasan Mehrabi
Works of Homa Farjadi, Jury member of the Grand memar award 2004 / Translated by Abtin Golkar
Works of Office dA, Monica Ponce de leon + Nader Tehrani / Translated by Abtin Golkar
Sahra (Rivoli) Cinema, a Beautiful building of 1960s / Yousef Shariatzadeh, Mohseh Mirheydar
Works of Babak Shokoufi
Ati Center Competition
Moving Image Centre , Competition - winning scheme for Sydney filmic center / Translated by Mir Saeed Moosavi
Heating, ventilating & air conditioning system in places of assembly / Heshmatollah Monsef
From Iran
Tekyeh and Hosseinieh (Mourning’s Place) / Zohreh Bozorgnia
The Paradox of the Persian Garden / Azadeh Shahcheraghi
Restoration of Salar House, Meibod / Isa Esfanjari Konari
In the world
New Approaches to the Design of Public Entertainment Facilities / Translated & composed by Mir Saeed Moosavi
The City as Theatre / Catherine Slessor / Translated by Abtin Golkar
New East Wind City, Spain, Cordoba, 2002 / Eduardo Arroyo / Translated by Abtin Golkar
Short news / Translated by Mehran Davoodi