22nd Congress of UIA, Istanbul 2005
Books & Magazines / Translated by Hanieh Mansouri
Architecture and urban design sites / Mohammadreza Rezaee, Sima Sardashti
The Grand Me’mar Award 2005
An interview with Nezam Amery
Embassy of Ir Iran in Tokyo / Bavand Consulting Engineers
Touristic & Residential complex, Shemshak, Firouz Firouz
Farshid Moussavi & Alejandro Zaera - Polo, Foreign office Architects/ Translated by Abbas Mokhber
Hariri - Pontarini Architects/ Translated by Abbas Mokhber
Residence, East Perth, Australia, (2001-2002), Ali Mozaffari
Tehran Book Garden
Koya University Campus Design Competition (Kurdistan Regional Government – Iraq)
Commissioning / Kamran Afshar Naderi
Commissioning Guideline / Translated by Abbas Mokhber
Commissioning of Building Mechanical systems / Heshmatollah Monsef
Commissioning / Henri Malkami
Safety and Conservation in New and Old Excavations / The late Lotfeali Behpoor
Double - Skin Technology / Translated by Mohammad Mohammadzadeh
From Iran
Two Kings Revisited / Houshang Rasouli
Bam two years on / Bijan Rohani
Abu- Saeed Cultural Center, Amood Consulting  Engineers, Soomeh Engineers
St. Tatavous`s Church / Babak Zirak
Almost No comment
In the world
An interview with luis Moreno Mansilla and Emilio Tunon / Cristina Diaz Moreno & Efren Garcia Grinda (Spring 2003) / Translated by Abbas Mokhber
Berlin: Looking on to the future / Soheila Beski
Short news / Translated by Hanieh Mansouri